THE JAZZ POLICE - - - - - - - - Ole Barnholdt
Master of ICT and Learning, University of Aalborg City (2003). Graduate of Music Science, University of Aalborg City (1990). A teacher at Stenhus Gymnasium (1995). Graduate of Grove School Of Music, California as a film composer in 1988 – a student of Henry Mancini, Johnny Mandel, Alan Silvestri, Buddy Baker and Mark Isham, among others. Ole Barnholdt has approx. 25 film/TV credits e.g. projects with 20th Century Fox Corp., The Pulitzer Foundation and NASA.
Contact: +4520424054
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Excamples of the craftmanship behind the 'old school' techniques of scoring

1 - 13


Lush romantic symphonic orchestra

ASCAP - "Flying In"

Suspense / Action

Alliance-ASCAP "Nowhere To Hide"

Synth score

NASA - "Lift Off!"

Small group - but effective

James Whitney Productions - "Visions Of Marie"

Acoustic (low budget)

Bob Leeberg Productions. - "Misconceptions"

Library music

Cimarron Productions - "Tony Gwynn's Total Baseball"

Commercials, spots etc.

New Line Cinema - "Heart Condition"

Portait of "The Jazz Police": Kim Kløverhus and Ole Barnholdt

DR2 - "The Jazz Police rykker ud"

Songwriting / composition

R'n'B ballad

01: Warren Wiebe - "Midnight Wonder"


Rock ballad

02: Diane - "Will I Ever Fall In Love Again"


Expressionistic harmonic and melodic structures

03: Big Band - "Klima"


Contemporary and expressionistic writing for the bigband

04: Big Band - "Rio Janeiro"